Friday, January 6, 2012

Household Organisation

I like to be organised. I need to be organised or my family life completely falls apart, and I get grumpy! I have some helpful charts and noticeboards around our house to help me in keeping my family somewhat organised and informed of what's going on.  It really does make life a whole lot easier.

 Our fornightly meal planner.  I usually try and fill it out, because when I do it is much easier.  I had to put a disclaimer on the bottom because I have a somewhat fanatical son who got 'put out' when I changed my mind at the last minute. We had sandwiches on Tuesday night instead of pizza, and said son has been hounding me since, because he loves pizza.  Home made pizza, of course!  We had been meal planning for a few years now.

 My family calendar.  All our events go on here.  It runs for three months.  I left December up so I could take this photo, so you can see what goes on it, and how it gets crossed off.  It is a giant sheet of cardboard that has had a calendar drawn up on it, then covered with contact.  I use whiteboard markers to write on it, then eucalyptus oil to remove the writing.  It's nothing fancy, but it definitely does the trick!

 My birthday and anniversary 'chart' that my Mother-in-Law made for me.  I LOVE it!  It has little wooden hearts that I had to 'decorate' and write everyone's name and date of birth on.  The red heart in December is my wedding anniversary :D

 A whiteboard outside my daughter's room that has the children's daily school events listed.  It helps remind them when they need to wear their sports uniform or take their library bag to school.  It helps jog my memory too ;D

A noticeboard on the opposite wall of the whiteboard where I keep the children's excursion notes, textbook fees and anything else I get important from school.  After I diarise whatever needs to go on my giant calendar, it gets stuck up on this board so it doesn't get lost.  It keeps all those notes off my kitchen bench too!

What organisational aids do you have in your home?  Perhaps you have something that you think might only be little, that might be life changing for someone else.  Feel free to share :D

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