Monday, April 23, 2012

Council Clean Up Part 2...

Before each scheduled Council Clean up, I do a brief walk around the house and note what needs to go and what needs to stay.  Sometimes if I want to put items aside specifically for the Clean Up, I will put them in the front part of our garage so they're easier to cart out on to the street.

It's also a great excuse to do a little bit of outside cleaning.

 Here's one of the jobs that really is not pleasant.  It's washing off the 'bunny spray' from the Elephant Ear plant leaves.   Basically, un-neutered male bunnies like to mark their territory with their scent by spraying their urine everywhere.  It's just gross.  Even worse when they try and spray YOU! On the plant leaves I find that a bucket of water and a cut up sponge specifically for that purpose works well to bring the leaves back to their usual green self again.

 Sweeping up the carpet leftovers.

 This area of the house irritates me.  I can't do anything with the sheet of asbestos.  It has to stay put until Phil decides to organise for it to be disposed of properly and according to Asbestos regulations.

 I did however get rid of this rusting shelf (but not the bricks)...

...and the bunny hutch that Charcoal loved.  I found it in a Council Clean-up many years ago, and I got some excellent use out of it.  It was falling apart, the wood rotting and wasn't safe for bunnies any more.  It had to go.

Everything we put out was picked up bright and early Thursday morning.  Hooray!

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