Sunday, April 22, 2012

Council Clean Up Part 1

We have a Council Clean-up in our area 4 times a year.  They always fall on school holidays as well which is usually handy for me.

I had an idea of the things I wanted to get rid of, and started to round them up.  The Council has requested that people only stack a 1 metre cubed pile of rubbish on the curb.  I have so much I would like to get rid of though, and I doubt anyone else would want it.

First thing was the carpet we ripped up...

... and a broken whiteboard, and why do I need to keep boxes?  The recycle bin was overflowing, so out went the boxes.

I found a rusted shelf left behind by the previous owners, an old plastic table and chair left behind by a previous renter and another box. We added a solid brown desk which I had really thought hard about throwing away but no-one wanted it, so out it went.

Looking around the house, I can't even tell that I decluttered anything.  *Sigh* It never ends, does it!

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