Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August in the Garden

How did we get to August already?  And how did we get to nearly the end of August already?  I would like February back please!

I thought I'd better get my garden back into some sort of order after the hibernating I did all Winter.  Here are some hidden delights I found:-

Some pots with random things in them - mini strawberries, petunias, a rose bush and the seeds planted are rocket, possibly Zucchini, marigolds and a 'surprise' seed.  I have since learned to label what I plant straight away, rather than wait a few days.

My Spinach - protected from the sparrows that love to munch on it. 

I'm not sure how this butter lettuce survived the onslaught of Sparrows, but it did.  Now the slugs are trying their hardest.  I must have planted a gazillion lettuces and the rest were all attacked :(

Yes, there IS a rubber snake in that pot too.  The sparrows don't like it very much but it hasn't stopped them trying to snack away.

Parsley, growing back after a struggle with a herb-munching-bunny.

Basil growing without me planting anything!  Hooray!!  There are some Spring Onions planted in this pot too.  Somebunny decided to eat the last lot.  I don't think Spring Onions are really all that good for bunnies!

A passionfruit vine that has a mind of its own.  A very SLOW mind!  It has been slowly growing for well over a year.  I guess at least it is growing!

Pretty sure this is Rhubarb.  Mine is weird though.  It doesn't turn very red i.e. the stalks stay mainly green, but get tinges of red.  I haven't been game enough to pick any and eat it yet, although it has been growing happily for about 3 years now.  Rhubarb dies off in Winter, then green shoots start to come out of the 'cone' about July.  Soon is is going to be HUGE (hopefully).  I also have flat leaf parsley growing wild in my garden.  Free food for the bunnies!

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