Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Smokey is the daughter of Pepper and Charcoal.  She is one very pretty grey bunny, with a very docile temperament.

I'm not sure if she is going to a new home soon, but she has been offered to a gentleman who would like another female bunny, and because of her gentle nature, and the fact that she isn't bonded, I thought she would be perfect.  I know she will be going to a good home as well, and be as loved there as she is here.  I will find out over the next few weeks whether she will be relocated.

She has these amazing blue eyes.  She is a bit of a mix.  Charcoal was a Seal Point French Lop, and Pepper is a Havanna (but looks like a Himalayan). I'm not sure - would this make her a Seal Point Blue?

I love these friendly bunnies of mine!  They love to come up and put their noses just under my hand and beg to be patted.  All except Midnight that is.  She is a bit broody at the moment and although isn't agressive (none of them are), she is certainly grunting at everything that moves and doesn't want to be cuddled.  Fair enough!

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